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CVR MLS Field Changes - July 2023
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To improve the overall experience in Matrix, several fields have been updated. Click on the links below for a full explanation of the field changes.  The help (?) bubbles in the Matrix input function have also been updated should you need guidance while you’re inputting your listing information. 


  1. Delayed Show YN and No Show Until
  2. ADU Fields
  3. Does Convey and Does Not Convey
  4. HOA Website



Delayed Showing YN and No Show Until:


The Delayed Showing fields are now related fields.  If your Delayed Showing field is Yes, then you must enter a date.  If your Delayed Showing field is No, then you will not be able to enter a date.  Also, when you move a Delayed Showing YN field from yes to no, the date will be removed from the No Show Until field. 


When Delayed Show is set to “Yes,” No Show Until will become a required field.


When Delayed Show is set to “No,” the date in No Show Until will be automatically cleared after clicking on Validate or Submit Listing.



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ADU Field Updates


Accessory Dwelling Units, also known as ADU’s have become increasingly popular. Two fields have been added to the residential listing input form in the Features tab to accommodate this growing trend.  


ADU YN indicates whether or not an ADU is present on a property.  If ADU is set to “Yes,” ADU Description becomes required. You can use this field to describe or give context to the ADU on the property, such as whether the ADU is attached or detached.




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Does Convey and Does Not Convey:


On the General Info tab, you can now list items that do and don’t convey with the property in the Does Convey and Does Not Convey fields. Please note that is for informational purposes only and agents will still need to list this items accordingly in any purchase agreement or bill of sale.



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HOA Website


On the Fee Info tab, HOA Website has been added to allow agents to list an HOA’s website resources when applicable.



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