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CVR MLS Welcome Checklist


The CVR MLS staff is committed to providing a top-notch MLS experience. This checklist contains the basic resources for everything that you need to get started.

  • Complete the CVR MLS Road Rules course to learn the basics of MLS Compliance.
  • Watch Matrix training through the CVR MLS Basic Training Playlist
  • Log into CVR MLS by going to (Click here for step-by-step instructions.)
    • The CVR MLS Clareity Dashboard provides access to CVR MLS Essential Tools, Additional Agent Tools, and Additional Resources.               

  • To access Matrix, click the icon.
    • The first time you access Matrix, verify your information is correct by going to My Matrix>>My Information. If any of your Matrix information is incorrect, you can update it in your Member Hub.
    • To access your MemberHub, click on the Member Hub icon

  • For Support, training, and our 24/7 Knowledge Base, click the icon.

  • Take a few MLS training classes. Go to your Member account (as shown above) and sign up on the RAR Calendar. A few recommended starter classes are:
    • Intro to CVR MLS
    • CVR MLS Weekly Tech Time

Some things to look out for

  • CVR Monthly Monitor - Sent to your email
  • Clareity Dashboard message board posts
  • Our social media postings of outages, training, news and more. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn

If you have any questions or login issues, please contact us [email protected], by submitting a support ticket, or by phone at 804.422.5000.

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