What do the Confidence Score and Forecast Standard Deviation figures mean?

The Confidence Score will always range from 60-100. That represents the chance or statistical probability that a home will sell at a certain price. If it’s lower than 60, Realist will not show it on the report. 

The Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD) will always be a lower number and represents the percentage of the estimated sale price range (plus/minus) that Realist believes the actual sale price should fall within. Realist will show that range on the report as well.

So, if a property looks like this,

AVM: $200,000

ConfidenceScore: 92%

ForecastStandard Deviation: 10%

Range: $180,000-$220,000

Then the best way to read through this would be:

Realist believes that there is a 92% chance or statistical probability, that the home will sell between 10% (plus or minus) of $200,000. And that range of 10% is shown under the range section ($180,000-$220,000).

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  • 01-Apr-2019