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Teams/Sharing in TransactionDesk
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Anyone who has Teams access in Matrix can switch to working as you and access your TransactionDesk within Matrix. You also have the option to configure teams settings within TransactionDesk.


First, click on the icon in the upper righthand corner and select "Settings."


Then, click on Teams/Sharing on the next screen.



Click on "Add."



Give your team a name and select "Save."



On the next screen, you'll be prompted to add team members from the available list. You can choose whether or not you'd like to automatically share transactions here. If not, you'll be able to share transactions on a case by case basis.


Once you add your team members, you can decide if you want them to have read, write, or full access to your documents and transactions.

  • To give a member read-only access to your transactions, use the Transactions Permissions dropdown to select Read. Users with this permission can view transactions but cannot change them.
  • To give a member write access to your transactions, so they can update them, but not allow them to delete transactions, use the Transaction Permissions dropdown to select Write.
  • To give a member full read/write/delete access to your transactions, use the Transactions Permissions dropdown to select Full.


You can also allow them to impersonate you. At any time you can remove members by clicking "remove."




Make sure you save any changes as you make them on this screen.




If you choose to share listings on a case by case basis, you can do so by clicking on the vertical ellipse from within the transaction, Then click Teams/Share


The next menu will allow you to select the teams that you share with. Be sure to click "Save."



If you allow team members to impersonate you, they will be able to do so in TranactionDesk when they log in from the drop down menu shown below.




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