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How do I transfer transactions in TransactionDesk?
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Brokers can transfer listings in TransactionDesk by following these steps:

1.) Select Broker Tools from the Menu on the left.

2.) Select Transaction Transfer.

3.) Select the transaction circle(s) to the right of the transaction title(s) and then click the basket icon on the top righthand corner of the display.

Note: If you are transferring more than 20 transactions, scroll down to the bottom of the page so that every single transaction loads on the screen. After you see all transactions, a circle to select all will appear beside the basket. This can be used to add them all to the basket and transfer them simultaneously.


4.) Select from the following:

  • Transfer to me: transfers the transaction to you.
  • Transfer to the previous agent: transfers the transaction back to the previous agent under their new brokerage.
  • Transfer to another agent: opens another menu where you can transfer the transaction to another agent in your brokerage.

5.) Finally, select “Transfer.”


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