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Why can't I print or export from Realist?
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Are you trying to print a report or export some tax records and are getting the warning “Pop-Up Blocked?” This happens because Realist Export and Print functions require users to save information to their computers, and sometimes this function is blocked by pop-up blockers.


To resolve this issue, you must turn off pop-up blocking for Realist. To do this, see below for your particular browser.


Google Chrome

· Click the Chrome menu on the browser, the three horizontal lines at the top right.

· Scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings.

· Scroll down further until you see the Privacy section, then click on the Content Settings button.

· In the window that opens, scroll down to the Pop-Up section, then click on the Manage Exceptions button.

· In the Host name pattern, type in[*.], then click Done.

· Reload the web page


Microsoft Internet Explorer

· Press CTRL-T to bring up the tools menu

· Click on Pop-Up Blocker

· Select Pop-up Blocker Settings

· In the Address of Website To Allow box, type in*, then click Add.

· Click Close at the bottom.

· Reload the web page


Mozilla Firefox

· Click the three horizontal lines at the top right of the browser.

· Select the Content panel.

· On the Pop-ups line, click on Exceptions.

· In the dialog box Allowed Sites – Pop-ups, enter* in the Address of Website box, then click Allow.

· Reload the web page


Apple Safari

In Safari, there is no way to manage individual websites for pop-ups. It is either on or off. To turn it off, go to Preferences, click Security, then uncheck Block Pop-Up Windows.

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