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Listing Data Checker

The CVR MLS database is one of the cleanest in the country. A reliable MLS database is defined by having an error level of 2.5% or less; the CVR MLS error level is less than 1%. One of the tools used to ensure that quality and integrity is the Listing Data Checker™. In real time, Listing Data Checker automatically scans listings that were just entered or modified for important information, missing information, and data errors. It also watches for information and time-frames that are either required or prohibited by the CVR MLS Rules and Regulations. Listing Data Checker sends out courtesy notices to members to remind them of events, such as a listing expiring within the next ten days. With over 350,000 listing records, Listing Data Checker is a powerful tool to help maintain and ensure that the CVR MLS database is clean and reliable, and remains one of the most valuable tools members use to serve their clients. 

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  • 07-Feb-2024