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February 2024 - CVR MLS Revised Forms Release

Effective February 1, 2024, the following revised forms are available in the CVR MLS forms library:

  • CVR 305 - Buyers Brokerage Agreement - Short Form - Standard Agency 
  • CVR 306 - Buyers Brokerage Agreement - Short Form - Non Agency - IC
  • CVR 310 - Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement - Standard Agency
  • CVR 340 - Residential Listing Agreement - Limited Service
  • CVR 345 - Residential Listing Agreement - Standard Agency
  • CVR 350 - Residential Listing Agreement - IC
  • CVR 356 - Residential Listing Agreement - Unimproved Property

The compensation paragraphs in these agreements have been revised to further clarify offers of compensation and facilitate the compensation discussions agents have with their buyer and seller clients.

Any listing agreement or buyer brokerage agreement signed before February 1, 2024 does not need to be resigned on these new forms versions.

As a reminder, you must update your transaction templates with these revised form versions.  Watch our tutorial video which explains how to replace a form in a transaction template if you would like a quick how-to refresher.  

CVR MLS has created the CVR MLS Compensation Toolkit for your reference. This toolkit includes the following:

This toolkit also contains additional resources from the October 2, 2023 CVR MLS rule change. In 2023, CVR MLS updated the listing entry rules to allow users to enter any amount including zero in a listing cooperative compensation fields. This change was made to underscore the complete flexibility of CVR MLS participants and subscribers to engage in transparent negotiations with their clients.

If you have any forms questions, please contact us at [email protected] 

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