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October 2nd, 2023 Rules Change
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On October, 2, 2023, CVR MLS updated its compensation rules changing the minimum offer of compensation from $1 to $0.  The following forms were updated to reflect that change.  Additionally, resources like a Compensation Toolkit with FAQs and a redline of the new rules are below.  


Updated versions of the following CVR MLS Forms are available in the TransactionDesk forms library, effective October 2nd, 2023.


Please update any transaction templates you have created with these new versions:

  • CVR 150 – Coming Soon Addendum (rev 10.2023)

  • CVR 200 – Commercial Listing Agreement (rev 10.2023)

  • CVR 340 – Residential Listing Agreement - Limited Service (rev 10.2023)

  • CVR 345 – Residential Listing Agreement - Standard Agency (rev 10.2023)

  • CVR 350 – Residential Listing Agreement - IC (rev 10.2023)


Other Resources:

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