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June 2020 Realist Updates

Enhancement to Grid – Compact Mode 

The Realist grid now offers a “compact mode” feature, which allows agents to select – directly on the grid – the ability to switch back and forth between regular mode and compact code. In regular mode, the grid is displayed with standard font size and standard padding in between each search result row. In compact mode, both the font size and padding of each search result row are slightly reduced, in order to display more search results on the grid. 

To use Compact mode, use the following steps:

  • Run any type of search in Realist, such as an owner name search under Quick Search or Saved Search under My Search
  • Once results are shown on both the map and grid, navigate to the grid and click on “Customize Table”
  • Next, select “Compact Mode” to enable the compact mode on the grid
  • Once selected, the grid will automatically switch over to compact mode

  • To revert back to regular grid mode at any time, navigate back to “Customize Table” and click on “Compact Mode” again.
  • Please note: At this time, Realist will always default to regular grid mode each time the agent logs into the system. CoreLogic is currently working on a future update that will allow the grid to “remember” the agent’s selection, so that if their preferred grid view is the compact mode, the system will remember this setting and will display the compact mode at each subsequent login.

Enhancement to Grid – Show Only Selected Rows 

The ability to narrow selected search results on the grid has always been a core functionality of the previous version of Realist. With the 1.20.111 release, CoreLogic is re-introducing the ability to narrow search results on the grid, so that only selected results are shown.

  • To use the “Show Only Selected Rows” function, simply conduct a search that yields search results on the grid.
  • Next, un-check all results on the grid (uncheck all), and then start selecting only the desired search results
  • Once this is done, navigate over to the “Customize Table” menu and select “Show Only Selected Rows”
  • Once this option is selected, the grid should then display only the manually checked/selected search results
  • The default list can be restored anytime by going back to “Customize Table” and then selecting
  • “Reset to Default List”

Enhancement to Map – Automatic Zoom In/Out 

  • This Realist release introduces an automatic zoom in or zoom out feature, depending on the selection made by the user. On the initial search, the Map interface typically zooms out to an appropriate zoom level, so that all located results (and associated push pins) are property displayed on the map. 
  • As the user unchecks all results (using check/uncheck all button) and then starting with each result, selecting each one by one, the Realist map is now enhanced to automatically zoom in (or out) to ensure that all manually selected search results are covered on the map. 

  •  As the user checks multiple properties via the checkboxes, the Realist map dynamically zooms out to correctly display all the property records on map
  • Once a user has selected a record, the zoom should happen automatically; however, un-selecting a selected record (the 2nd time) will not trigger a zoom in or out animation
  • The user will need to de-select all again, and then start over by selecting each record one by one, to have the zoom animation begin again
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  • 11-Jun-2020