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Road Rules Fine Waivers
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We encourage you to complete our on-demand Road Rules class. The Road Rules class is a refresher of our MLS rules and procedures and will earn you a $250 waiver which may be used towards a subsequent MLS fine within a 12 month period. You can access this class by clicking HERE.   


Please note that you must have earned a Road Rules waiver prior to the initial notification of a compliance violation, so we suggest that you keep a waiver on file.  There is no limitation as to how often you take the Road Rules class, however you may only have one applicable waiver on file.  You may take the class immediately after you have applied a waiver but you can not keep two or more waivers on file.  


See Section 9.6.1 - MLS Fine Waivers for more information or contact our Compliance Team at [email protected]

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