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RETS Connector Instructions

Before initiating a RETS Query, determine what account you will use to login to RETS Connector and pull data. 

  • Vendor login:  Search the vendor in Matrix, and use the ID and PWD of the vendor. The vendor in Matrix is set to their proper feed, so no action in Matrix is required other than locating the ID and PWD to use. 

  • CVR MLS Agent-RETS test login:  Access user 75821 in Matrix, and change the RETS User Class to the appropriate data feed. 


Using Downloaded data from RETS Connector. 

When you download data using RETS Connector, use the data format of "Delimited CSV." 

Once you have a downloaded file, you  

Open Excel. Use the Data Tab to import the downloaded file, using the "From Text/CSV" format. 

Once you have a spreadsheet opened that contains the data, you can save the file in Excel format if desired. 

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