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Transport Mechanism

Transport Mechanism

**As of January 31st 2024, CVR MLS does not offer RETS feeds. IDX feeds will be provided via the WebAPI transport standard.**

IDX Is provided with the WebAPI, a RESTful API based on the Real Estate Standards Organization’s (RESO) WebAPI 

1.0.2 specification and OData 4.0 

The transport mechanism is based on return data based upon RESO Data Dictionary 1.5 schema specification at the 

time of this publication. Support for 1.6 and future versions will be included as the standards evolve, and 

new versions are ratified by RESO. 

Rather than provide extensive documentation for these standards directly herein, Technology Providers 

are encouraged to review the documentation directly on the RESO site; a great deal of time and care has 

gone into the creation of these standards, and the support information regarding their purpose and use is 

best viewed at the source. 

➢ WebAPI v. 1.0.2 documentation: 

➢ RESO Data Dictionary documentation: 

Both transport mechanisms require client software to connect, authenticate, and query the underlying 

Trestle data sources. There are multiple clients available for download for free or for a license fee; further, 

reference implementations and documentation can be found on if you choose to develop your 

own client.


If you are a new vendor and require an API tool, please go to to download the Postman API tool. The server link will not work without an API tool. Additional instructions on how to access your API feed can be found at

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  • 29-Jan-2024