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Coming Soon - Rules and Regulations Section 5.1.2

1. Only properties subject to a ratified listing agreement and pre-marketing addendum may be entered under the Coming Soon status.

2. Listings under the Coming Soon listing status are only available to Commonwealth MLS Cooperative Participants and Subscribers.

3. This status is not included in IDX feeds and these listings are not to be advertised on broker, agent, public or syndication websites or in other media. A firm For Sale Sign and Coming Soon Rider may be installed on the property while the property is under Coming Soon status.

4. Listings under Coming Soon Status may not be shown. In the event that a Seller agrees to allow a Coming Soon listing to be shown the listing status must be changed to Active prior to the showing.

5. Days on Market (DOM) do not accrue while a listing is under the Coming Soon listing status.

6. You must include an Expected On-Market Date when using the Coming Soon listing status. This is the date when you expect your listing to be Active in the Matrix system. This date cannot exceed 21 days from the date you submitted your listing to the MLS under the Coming Soon listing status.

7. Use of the Coming Soon listing status is limited to 21 days. After 21 days have passed, the listing status will automatically change to Active status. If you need more time after the 21 days have expired, consider using the Temp Withdrawn listing status.

8. Listings under Coming Soon Status must have a List price.

9. Because a Listing under the Coming Soon status will have an MLS number, the listing agent will be able to add virtual tours, marketing materials, and listing documents ahead of time.

10. A listing that was once under the Coming Soon status cannot revert back to the Coming Soon status. The property must be off market for 90 days or more before it can be re-entered in Coming Soon status. Rev. 4/17

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