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Matrix X Update

The look and feel of Matrix now combines modern color pallets, iconography, navigation, and state of the art design. 

The Contacts module has received a fresh new look in Matrix X as the latest step in CoreLogic’s incremental approach to providing a clean new UI across the entire application. By employing best-practice standards of webpage design while retaining all the core Matrix functionality and performance to which users are familiar, this new UI maximizes the user experience while minimizing any need for retraining. 

  • Contact List - Existing functionality redesigned for improved readability and accessibility.
  • Contact Details - Each contact’s record has been expanded from its old accordion-style format to become a new, dedicated page. Multiple tabs provide accessibility to various information within the contact profile, and new widgets provide insights into the contact’s use of the portal.

Header & Navigation Bar
The global header has been updated in Matrix X, getting its first facelift in years. Beyond the clean, new look of the header and Speed Bar, several meaningful changes have been made to the navigation menu.

  • A new “Notifications” icon on the right, providing a central location for alerting the user to important information consistent accepted standards of modern website design. In Matrix X, alerts of new Concierge matches have been moved into this control, and future releases will see additional notifications placed here as well. 
  • A new “utility menu” under the user’s name providing access to their personal settings and other tools. This is part of a multi-phase plan to modernize Matrix to feel familiar to users of any website: tools are placed where they are most commonly found elsewhere, thus increasing natural, intuitiveness of the application.

In conjunction with moving access to user-level settings to the user’s Utility Menu, the Settings page itself has been given a new look showcasing the future direction of the platform. The same options as before are available, just with a modern interface.

New Map Layers in Matrix 360
Matrix 360 now offers a set of new map layers which provide immediate visualization across the entire market by displaying a small color-coded pin within the parcel of all properties of a certain status, regardless or the current search criteria. Layers are available at the same zoom levels which display parcel boundaries, and each pin can be clicked to view relevant information just as when clicking in the parcel. 

For example, while browsing new Hot Sheet listings on the map, turn on the layer of recent Sold listings to quickly gauge relative urgency and value in that area. Turn on recent Tax Sales to view additional properties which have sold outside the MLS, all without leaving the map! 

  • Listing Status layers
    • Each listing status can now be visualized as a layer on the map. Because the layer is the same for all members it should not be used for statuses such as Incomplete for which all listings are not available to all members. Permanent statuses such as Sold and Expired are filtered to only show recent listings. 
  • Tax Sale layers
    • A pin can be displayed to mark each property which has a recent sale recorded in public records data, and a separate layer can be used to mark only those properties with such a recent sale recorded for which no corresponding sale is found in listing data, e.g. FSBOs and other non-MLS transactions.
  • Distressed Property layers
    • A pin can be displayed to mark distressed properties.

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  • 05-Aug-2020