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January 2021 Summary of Rules and Regulations Changes

Article 2 - Definitions Added a Sold Non-MLS definition
Section 3.6 - CVR MLS Forms Defining Standard Forms and Prohibited Use of CVR MLS copyrighted forms
Section 5.6 - Incomplete/Inaccurate Information Requirement of documentation for non-tax or non-jurisdictional sources, specifically addressing square footage
Section 5.6.2 - Identification of Square Footage Source Specifically addresses documentation required when use of square footage sources other than tax data
Section 5.29(c) - Duplicate Listings Allowing new construction listings to enter duplicate listings for single family and lot/land
Section 5.37 - Sold Non-MLS Listings Parameters for Sold Non-MLS listings
Article 16 Clarification language to include appraisal reports as statistical reports
GLOBAL Change from MATRIX to MLS or MLS System
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  • 07-Jan-2021