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How do I update my email address in Matrix?

First, update your contact information in your Member Hub.

  • Go to the My Info menu on the left side of the Home Page
  • You should land directly on the Contact Info tab, but if not, you can click on it from the tab selections
  • If you are adding a new email or phone number, select the plus button to the right of the Contact Info section
  • If you are editing existing information, select the blue pencil button to the right of the appropriate information.

NOTE:  if you add new info, the system will automatically default to this new information.  If you do not want this to be your primary/default email or phone, edit the email/number you want to be default and check the default box.  Don't forget to hit Done instead of cancel.  

Within fifteen minutes, your contact info will be updated on your user record in Matrix.

To update your user record on your listings, you'll need to update your information on each listing. This can be updated by pressing refresh on the agent information in the input form as seen below. If it does not update, you may have to wait a couple of hours to try again after the system updates.

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  • 14-Feb-2023