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How do I Assign or Unassign a SentriLock Lockbox in Matrix?

In Matrix, you can assign a SentriLock Lockbox in the Modify Listing screen. After Saving the listing, go back to the Input Tab or the My Matrix >> My Editable Listings display. Select the listing that you would like to edit.


In the Modify Listing screen, select “Assign a SentriLock Lockbox – CVR MLS Users Only.”

Select “Sentrilock” as the Lockbox type. This will cause a list of your lockboxes to appear. Select the box being assigned to the property and then select “Done.”

Back at the Modify Listing screen, a yellow box will appear that says, “Lockbox assigned.” Finally, select “Cancel” to cancel out of the form.

You can also unassign SentriLock lockboxes in Matrix. In the Modify Listing Screen, select “Assign a Sentrilock Lockbox – CVR MLS users only.”

Select “Unassign” and select “Done” to save your changes. Finally, select “Cancel” to cancel out of the Modify Listing form.

Please note that if you assign or unassign a lockbox to a listing in Matrix using this link, the change will appear on the SentriLock website and the SentriKey app. Lockbox information assigned in the SentrKey website or the SentriSmart app will NOT appear on the listing in Matrix.

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  • 29-Jan-2024