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How do I show that a listing has a first floor Primary bedroom?

Do you want other agents to be able to find your listing when it has a First Floor Primary Bedroom? When an agent searches for this using the checkbox on the criteria field that is labeled “Primary Bedroom - 1st Floor,” Matrix looks at the field Interior to see if one of the chosen selections is 1st Floor PrimaryBedroom.

So if you want to be sure agents find your listing that has a 1st floor Primary bedroom, be sure that 1st Floor PrimaryBedroom is one of the selections you choose under the Interior features field when you enter the listing.

If you are a listing agent and want other agents to find the 1st Floor Primary Bedroom on your listings, please make sure you add the actual room information in the listing. If you do not, then this type of search will not find your listings, even if you mention that there is a 1st Floor Primary in the Remarks field.

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  • 30-Jan-2024