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Coming Soon Listing Submission Instructions
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The Coming Soon status indicates that the agent and the property owner are preparing the property for sale, but it is not ready for showings. Listings in Coming Soon status may not be shown until the Listing is placed in Active status.


  1. If a seller authorizes a listing to be placed in a Coming Soon status, the listing must be entered into the Matrix system under the Coming Soon status within three (3) days of the Listing Agreement ratification by the Seller or one (1) day of public marketing, whichever comes first.
  2. Listings under Coming Soon Status may not be shown.
  3. In the event that a Seller agrees to allow a Coming Soon listing to be shown the listing status must be changed to Active prior to the showing.
  4. You must include an Expected On-Market Date when using the Coming Soon listing status. This is the date when you expect your listing to be Active in the Matrix system. This date cannot exceed 21 days from the listing ratification date. The listing will move to an active status on the Expected On-Market Date.
  5. Do not include a No Show Until date for a Coming Soon listing


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