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Section 5.1 Listings Subject to CVR MLS Rules and Regulations

All Participant Listings of the property types identified in Section 5.2 of these Rules and Regulations are subject to CVR MLS Rules and Regulations upon Seller’s ratification of the Listing Agreement. Only Exclusive Authorization to Sell, Exclusive Authorization to Lease and Exclusive Agency Listings that conform to these rules and regulations are eligible for inclusion in the MLS Database.

Listings subject to these Rules and Regulations must be in an Active or Coming Soon status in the  MLS Database within three (3) days of Listing Agreement ratification by the Seller.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any Public Marketing is performed prior to the three (3) day submission set forth herein, then the listing must be entered into the MLS Database within one (1) business day in accordance with Section 5.9.

Listed properties located outside the CVR MLS service area may be voluntarily submitted to CVR MLS, but submission of these Listings is not required.  Once entered, however, the listing will be subject to all rules and regulations provided herein unless noted otherwise.

To visit our searchable CVR MLS Rules and Regulations site, click here.

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  • 05-Jun-2020