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How do I conduct a Reverse Prospecting Search?

Reverse Prospecting

Reverse Prospecting: This feature facilitates agents getting in touch with each other for their clients' mutual benefit. Listing Agents more easily find other agents with buyers looking for properties like the ones they represent for sellers. Agents representing potential buyers become more aware of available properties matching their buyers' criteria.

  • Agents working with Potential Buyer(s): To make a saved search available for Reverse Prospecting, click the "Available for Reverse Prospect" checkbox under the Automatic Email settings (My Matrix>Auto Email). This will assign a number to the search that will show on your Saved Searches screen. (It is automatically selected. You must uncheck it to opt-out.) List Agents with matching properties can now more easily find you.
  • List Agents: If you have a listing you want to conduct Reverse Prospecting on, go to the “My Listings” screen (under the My Matrix tab), select the listing you want to Reverse Prospect, and click the “Reverse Prospect” button. The display will show you a list of agents with saved search criteria that match your listing. If you contact an agent, be sure to give them the numerical code from the display so they can easily find the matching search/customer.

NOTE: Reverse Prospecting is completely anonymous for your buyers. List agents are not given your customer names or contact information.

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  • 19-Mar-2019