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How do I email a listing?

  1. On your search results page, click the select box next to each listing you want to email. If you are on a Full Detail and only want to email that one, you do not need to click a select box.
  2. Click the "Email" button at the bottom of the page.
  3. If you have Contacts set-up in Matrix, you may select one for the email by clicking the "To:" button. Or you may type one or more email addresses in the "To:" field. You also have CC (Carbon Copy): field and a checkbox to send a separate copy (Blind Carbon Copy) to yourself. Also, fill in the Subject line for your email.
  4. Type in a message for your recipient.
  5. Click the "Send Email" button.

Your recipient will receive a link to your agent portal where they can view the listings. At the top of the Web page will be your name and preferred phone number.

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  • 18-Mar-2020