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How do I enter a range for a number, such as date or price?

Entering Numbers

For any field where you need to enter a number (such as street number, number of bedrooms, etc.) or a date (list date, close date, etc.), use the following format:

All Values Within a Range: Type in the minimum, then a hyphen, then the maximum. For example, if you want all listings with a street number from 1000 to 1500, you would enter 1000-1500 in the Street Number field. To get all listings that went on market in February, you would type 3/1/13-3/29/13 in the date field to the right of the Active Status. Alternately, for dates you can use the calendar control which will enter the dates for you.

All Values Equal To or Greater Than: Type the starting value followed by a plus sign. For example, if you want all listings with three or more bedrooms, type 3+ in the Bedrooms field. If you want all listings that have gone on market since the first of the year, you would type 1/1/13+ in the field next to Active Status.

All Values Less Than or Equal To: Type the starting value followed by a minus sign. For example, if you want all listings selling for less than $200,001, type 200000- in the List Price field (no dollar sign or comma).

Thousands check box: Note that some fields, notably price, may have a check box followed by (000). This enables you to enter full thousands and omit typing the 000 every time.

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